Festival Campground

The first time you hear someone yell “Happy Folk Fest!” followed by a roar of cheers that rolls across the campground, you’ll feel right at home.

The Festival Campground is a community of 6,000 that pops up in the middle of a prairie field for five days in July. It’s a wonderfully expressive environment created by all who participate. Campers make art and music, decorate their campsites (and themselves!) and share food, stories and experiences. It’s a beautifully organic community where life-long friends and lasting memories are made.

New Wednesday Morning Entrance Procedure 

After waiting all year for Folk Fest, we know you want to get in there to start camping and meet your friends, so we have come up with a new Wednesday morning entrance plan that will get campers in much quicker! 

As always, show up when we are ready for you, after 7:00 AM through the West Gate. Please do not line-up on Hwy 59 before 7:00 AM – it’s for everyone’s safety. The East Gate doesn’t open until 10:00 AM. 

The Revised Plan

Drive through the West Gate on South Drive, and then turn right on to Festival Drive. You’ll be greeted by a traffic volunteer who will tell you to turn right into the Festival Parking area – not the Festival Campground Parking area. This year, you will be queuing up in the Festival Parking area and getting your wristbands at the Main Gate Box Office. 

Line up in the Vehicle Staging Area (see map below). Don’t worry, the volunteers will help line you up so you get to the Main Gate Box Office in the order you arrived and get you in faster! 

The first few hundred vehicles in will be guided into Ticket Lanes (see blue arrows on the map), while the remainder will stay in the Vehicle Staging Area. As the Ticket Lines shorten, more vehicles will be added to keep things movin’ along.

  • When you’re in the Ticket Lines, please stay in your cars. 
  • Don’t idle your car in the Vehicle Staging Zone until a traffic volunteer tells you it’s your turn to get in a Ticket Line – it’s not good for the environment. 

When you arrive at the front of the Ticket Line, put your vehicle in park and a volunteer will take your ticket and bring you your wristband. Once you have your wristband, pull forward and follow the signs down the trail. The trail will split in two lanes:

  • One if you need to buy a Provincial Park Pass, 
  • And a bypass lane if you already have one.

The booth where you purchase Provincial Park Passes only take cash. We strongly recommend you get your Provincial Park Pass before arriving to the festival so you can get to the campground quicker. You can buy yours at the Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store or most places that sell fishing licenses for $40. 

You will end up back on Festival Drive where a traffic volunteer will direct you to the best place to park in the Campground Parking area. From there, you can grab your gear and get camping! 

RV Campers

Drive through the West Gate on South Drive, and then turn right on to Festival Drive. You’ll be greeted by a traffic volunteer who will tell you to turn left into the Festival Campground Parking area. 

You will then drive down the Festival Campground entrance path and go to the regular Festival Campground Box Office to trade your RV Ticket for a dashboard pass and their Folk Fest Ticket for a wristband. 

Drop-offs and Cyclists 

If you are being dropped off at the festival, let the volunteer who is directing you into the parking lot know. They will direct you to a drop-off area. The friend who’s dropping you off can then follow the signs to exit the parking area and be on their way.

If you ride your bike to the festival, but are not part of the official Bike Ride to Site, enter the parking lot by the path from the Festival Drive crosswalk. Head south to the Main Gate Box Office (labeled Main Gate on the map) to exchange your ticket for a wristband.

Whether you were dropped off or cycled in, once you have your wristband head north, across the Festival Drive crosswalk and into the Festival Campground by the South End Gate.

Later in the Day

Once we have processed everyone in line for the Wednesday morning rush, campers arriving in the afternoon will go back to exchanging their tickets for wristbands at the Festival Campground Box Office. 

Campground shelters have been built with reclaimed materials and will be ready for you to use at the 2014 Festival! These shelters will be a great place to gather, meet your neighbours and find refuge from rain or the hot afternoon sun. Communal fire pits are being placed by these shelters so you can pick a tune on your guitars together ‘round the fire! 

New Campground Shelters

Campground shelters have been built out of reclaimed materials and are great places to gather, meet your neighbours and find refuge from the rain or the hot afternoon sun. Communcal fire pits are placed by these shelters so you can pick a tune on your guitars together 'round a fire!

Art & Animation

Many campers have a tradition of creating art, playing games, making music and hosting activities for fellow campers to participate in. These wonderful initiatives make our campground a unique experience and we love to see this creativity and engagement from our campers.

Every year, we accept proposals that help to create an environment that encourages a fun and safe experience. Click here for a taste of what you can expect to experience at the Festival Campground this year! 

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Campground Map

Campground Map

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Campground Services

Campground Services

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Living in the beautiful outdoors surrounded by acoustic jams and good company…What can be better than that?