Living in the beautiful outdoors surrounded by acoustic jams and good company…What can be better than that?

Camping Options

We operate two campgrounds within Birds Hill Park – the Festival Campground and the Quiet Campground. If you want to camp in one of these campgrounds, make sure you buy a ticket that includes camping. 

The Birds Hill Provincial Park Campground is another camping option and reservations are required through the Parks Reservation Service.

General Info

We measure capacity in our campgrounds through ticket purchases, camping spots are first-come-first-serve but every person aged 13+ entering the campground must have a camping ticket.


Minors (17 years and younger) in the Festival campground must be accompanied by an adult, to a limit of four minors per adult. If you are a guardian of an underage camper, you need to be with them in order for them to exchange their ticket for a wristband and each time they wish to enter the campground. And remember: You’re responsible for them for the duration of the festival. 

Un-serviced Sites

The Quiet and Festival Campgrounds are not serviced and all vehicles are parked in parking lots separate from the tenting grounds.


Parking lots are located by the Quiet and Festival Campground entrances and all campers must move in their camping gear by foot. We suggest bringing a wagon!

Campground Shuttle

A free shuttle travels a round trip route around to all three campgrounds and the Folk Fest site every 30 minutes during Festival hours to take you from the campgrounds to the site. You can bike around, too - we have bike lock-up areas in the Quiet and Festival Campgrounds and at the Main Gate. 


RVs are welcome in both the Quiet Campground and Festival Campground, however all RVs in both campgrounds must have an RV ticket, as space for RVs is limited. 

The RV ticket reserves one parking space for a camping vehicle in the campgrounds. You only need one ticket per RV, not per person. Only registered camping vehicles are permitted: RVs, campers, trailers and camper vans. Tents designed specifically to attach to a truck/SUV to convert it into a living space are also permitted in the RV section. Along with your parked RV in your camp spot, you may set up one additional dining or camping tent in the spot as well. Sleeping in your car, an uncovered van or box truck is not allowed. Once inside, vehicles must not be moved except when vacating the campground. There are no in/out privileges. 

For the Festival campground, vehicles pulling trailers must leave the camping area after parking the trailer. The exception is trucks providing power to fifth wheels. 

No Reservations

Campsites cannot be reserved. If you want to camp with a group of friends, you need to arrive together to ensure you get a spot together. 

Remove Your Ropes

After the festival's over and you're ready to pack up your tarps and hammocks, please remember to remove all rope from the trees. Over time, rope left wrapped around tree trunks and branches strangles and kills the tree. We have already lost trees for this reason. Help keep the beautiful Birds Hill Park forest alive and healthy. 

Leave No Trace

We operate by the "leave no trace" principle. We respect the land and love our Folk Fest home and we want to leave the park exactly how we found it every year.

What you can do

Pack out what you pack in to your campsite and be sure to keep your site clean and tidy for the duration of the festival.

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