Food and Drink

Local, organic and fair trade products are used and sold by our food vendors, taverns, Corner Store and at our backstage kitchen facility, La Cuisine, where meals are prepared for volunteers and performers.

Food Vendors

Eating well is as good for the soul as listening to great music! Our food vendors have a “LOFT” in common – they serve local, organic and fair trade food. 

Meals are served on reusable plates for a $2 deposit. When you’re finished, simply visit a Plate Return station to get your deposit back and feel good about helping divert waste from landfills! The plates are washed at a backstage facility to avoid driving them to the city to be cleaned, further reducing our carbon footprint. 

We use an industrial composting facility, which means we use can collect more items than a backyard compost can. We are happy to say that all disposable items given away by our food vendors are compostable too. Cups, cutlery, napkins – you name it, we can compost it! 


Meet your friends for a drink at the Big Rock Tavern and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Patio in the Festival Village or the Liquor Marts Tavern and Patio, located so close to Big Bluestem that you can see and hear the show.

We are going bottled water free at the 2014 Festival! 

Bottled water will not be sold by vendors in an effort to reduce the Festival’s ecological footprint. How? By using water from the tap instead of drinking water out of manufactured bottles, we reduce consumption of fossil fuels used to produce plastic bottles and the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere when the bottles are transported. And, we’re keeping thousands of plastic bottles out of landfills! Every time you visit one of the many water taps on site, marked by tall blue flags, you’re filling up your reusable cup with cool, clean drinking water.

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Festival Info

Festival Info

There are ten stages of music to explore at Folk Fest, some nestled in clearings in the woods, others in the middle of a prairie field with enough room to dance the afternoons away.

Folk Fest

Folk Fest

The 41st annual Winnipeg Folk Fest takes place July 9-13, 2014! Early Bird tickets are on sale until April 30.



We love great food and are proud to offer Festival-goers and campers a variety of food choices.