Take a piece of Folk Fest home with you, whether it’s a record by your new favourite artist, a Folk Fest T-shirt or a hand-made treasure.

Hand-Made Village

Folk music festivals have a longstanding history of fostering the craft of traditional folk art. Our Hand-Made Village offers wares from the best collection of crafters and artisans you’ll find anywhere. Inspired instruments, clothing, art, crafts and jewelry, all together in a village at our festival. 

40 - Aeliosdesign by Katerina Pappas

Website | Facebook | Instagram  
Modern hand-crafted eco-luxury jewelry made using all-natural materials, recycled metals, and environmentally friendly methods. 

31 - Aurora Farm by Louise May 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Aurora Farm, loves their happy dairy goats, alpacas, horses, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs, honeybees, cows and donkeys. They make all kinds of practical personal, home and animal care products. 

43 - Blue Pendulum by Tharika Samarakkodige 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Jewelry made from recycled gears, beads, precious and semi-precious stones and metals. 

48 - Boomerang 360 by Kylie Stomp 

Website | Facebook | Instagram  
Boomerang 360 was created when the graphic designer and the artist decided to meet half-way. Kylie's ideas are a mix of everyday images found growing up on a grain farm in the prairies, urban culture and wading through countless experiences in travels abroad.  

14 - Braecrest Design by Brock Wolfe 

Website | Facebook 
Old-fashioned craftsmanship and love of new technology have inspired Brock to find new ways to work with cedar in making creature products for the home and garden. 

47 - Charlie's Charmed Creations by Ryan Mendoza 

Facebook | Instagram 
Charlie's Charmed Creations offers a modern twist on traditional accessories, all products are built with natural wood materials and strict attention to detail. Charlie's accessories maintain all their conceptual elegance at affordable prices. 

18 - Copper & Pine by Jessica Solta  

Etsy | Facebook | Instagram 
Naturally sourced Manitoban treasures, preserved by hand into custom necklace pendants. A simply beautiful way to wear a piece of home. 

42 - CZE by Tania by Tania Czemerynski 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
CZE (chay) hair, beard and skin products are handcrafted with natural, organic and locally sourced ingredients. CZE goes to great lengths to ensure the best possible ingredients are used - even going as far as to pick the wild grasses and flowers used in recipes. 

46 - dconstruct jewelry by Lisa Pointon Reico 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Lisa's work is inspired by nature and minimalist design. Handmade from leading architectural materials - organics and textiles are sourced from artisan communities in developing countries around the world. This process helps local tradespeople in struggling communities develop their skills and their businesses and boost their local economies. 

10 - DoorYard Pottery by Michael Astill 

Functional, handcrafted pottery designed to enhance your environment and culinary experiences. 

5 - Fat Daug - Hand Carved Antler Jewelry by Candace Lipischak  

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Fat Daug, which stands for Father-Daughter, offers high quality handcrafted moose, deer and caribou antler jewelry. Each piece is unique and organic – no two are ever alike. 

4 - Firebugs by David Krindle and Alan Lacovetsky 

Firebugs make a range of original ceramics balancing artistic expression and homage to the ancient tradition of pottery. 

25 - Fwegga Leather Design by Christine Rouleau & Jimmy Hodges

Etsy | Facebook
Leatherwork such as cuffs, watchbands, masks, belts, elf ears, hats and more. From urban to steampunk you can always find something new and original at Fwegga Leather Design! 


16 - Heartsease Inc. by Gwenn McDonald  

Luxurious soaps, skincare, sunburn relief, incense, essential oils, and more, using the highest quality organic and/or food grade ingredients. Heartsease is a Winnipeg company with over 20 years' experience creating products that are good for you and the environment. 

22 - Kat Cadegan Jewellery by Kat Cadegan 

Website | Esty | Facebook | Instagram 
Inspired by nature, made by hand. Kat Cadegan creates boho chic jewelry to be worn for years to come. 

10 - Kelli Rey Studio by Kelli Rey 

Website | Instagram 
Artfully designed functional ceramics with an eclectic mix of colour and texture that will surprise, puzzle and entertain. 

1 - Kelly Ruth by Kelly Ruth 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 
Handwoven naturally dyed adornments for home and body. Kelly is an artist working in weaving, dyeing and sound. Her studio line embodies small expressions of her love for textile. 

33 - Kipindi Quilts by Carla Unger 

Quilting became Carla's way of remembering and honouring places she had been. She uses favourite fabrics from her travels, sewing them into eclectic, usable quilts. 

28 – Kunai by Tusa Kroeker 

Website | Instagram  
Prairie roots, passion for textile arts, and love for children is the perfect recipe for Tusa Rosebud's line of one of a kind wearable art for kids! 

44 - Lady Bug Creations by Carol Schroeder 

A colorful display of exquisite works of art. Items include hand-painted treasure boxes, light switch plates, tiles, greeting cards, bookmarks, pins, magnets and puzzles. 

19 - Lavanderia Market by Vicki Sather 

Website | Instagram 
Handmade traditional millinery with a twist. 

13 - Majesty Industries by Julie Morrison 

Website | Instagram 
Hailing from Edmonton, Majesty Industries has super cute vegan goods for travel and chilling. Check them out right meow! You won't be sad. 

34 - Mama Pacha by Tara Garcia 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Your local herbal skin care specialist. Mama Pacha products are all made right here in Winnipeg using the highest quality herbal ingredients available. You can feel good about purchasing these products and using them on yourself and your family. 

45 - Marc Simard/ Norwegian Wood by Marc Simard and Angie Johnson 

Website | Instagram 
Marc Simard and Angie Johnson have joined forces once again this year to bring a selection of handmade accessories for both women and men.  

30 - Mehndi / Henna Tattoos by Aruna Hingwala 

With over 40 years of experience in Mehndi body art freehand designs, Aruna excels in the latest elegant and intricate designs to suit the festival mood. 

15 - Morning Glory Woodworking by John Bell 

A lifetime of making wooden objects finally led to combining John’s love of woodworking with his love of art and guitar playing. Every Diddley Box takes as long to imagine as it does to build. 

9 - Mumble Tease by Heather Reinhardt 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Perhaps the most whimsical and colourful silk-screened apparel around. Using original artwork that’s drawn and silk-screened by a single pair of hands to bring smiles to Winnipeg Folk Fest since 2013. 

29 - Musicians and Other Animals by Mark Reynolds 

Inspired by nature and music, Musicians and Other Animals is a line of jewelry, limited edition prints and carved glass sun catchers all the way from Churchill, Manitoba. 

12 – Oldhat by Nathan Dueck 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Handmade for Fine Folks. Hats made by Nathan, in Winnipeg, with recycled fabrics. Used ice cream pails are salvaged and used for peak stiffening. Uniquely numbered since hat #0001. 

37 - Quicksilver Halo by Jill Nicholson 

Saskatchewan Craft Council 
Whimsical wildlife rendered in intricate hand-sawed designs or etched in colorful dichroic glass. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, found objects and semi-precious stones are transformed and embellished into artifacts of adornment. 

8 - Reddline Jewellery by Christopher Redd 

Creative jewelry, rings, earrings and pendants that inspire and create memories for each person.   

6 - Runs with Scissors by Heidi Hunter

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  
Hand-dyed clothing and accessories, exquisite art quilts and hand appliquéd framed works. Runs with Scissors is a one-stop shopping experience for all things fibre

24 - Salvaged Earth Designs by Carson Hill 


Eco-friendly art and wooden kitchen utensils from salvaged and upcycled materials. To decorate you, your home and your kitchen!  

38 - Samantha James Hair Design

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
How are you rocking your hair for Folk Fest?! Check out Samantha James Hair Design's braid bar and choose from their menu of trendy boho looks.  

27 - Scam Skate Ltd by Joel Baker 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Scam Skate produces its boards in-house and from scratch. Their products and services have made them a staple in the Winnipeg skateboarding community. 

20 - Sheppards Hook by Katie Sheppard 

Website | Instagram 
Bold statement jewelry using naturally-shed antler, moss, quill and gemstone. With a refined use of colour and texture, these wild, rustic designs will speak to your soul. 

11 - Shi Studio by Cory Judge 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Accessories that frame and highlight lush silks and textiles, each piece is an individual statement. From classic silk pendants or an accessory combining vibrant colour and textures. Each piece uniquely made with a variety of materials such as hand-cut leather, silver and brass chain, gems, artist prints and antique Qing dynasty silk. 

26 - SkateBetty Recycled Skateboard Shop by Sheena Crookes 

Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 
SkateBetty Recycled Skateboard Shop transforms broken skateboards into sustainable fashion and home accessories. Each piece is skated and created in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

17 - SOL Designs by Sol Desharnais 

WebsiteFacebook | Instagram
Colourful and smart ecologically friendly felt home accessories, and minimalist designed bags from leather, wood and upcycled vinyl flooring. 

23 - The Quarrelsome Yeti by Geordan Moore 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram   
Hand-printed art and apparel by Geordan Moore all the way from Nova Scotia. 

28 - The Salvage Heart by Nadia Kuhl 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
The Salvage Heart is the creation of Manitoba Prairie-based artist Nadia Kuhl - each of her jewelry pieces are handcrafted with love from pre-loved, found and salvaged leathers and textiles.

7 - The Woodland Faery by Sue Holloway 

Bringing with them a sense of intrigue, charm and a wee bit of magic, these natural and handcrafted items spark imagination, creativity and wonder for both young and old. 

37 - Tigers & Dragons by Paul Vaala 

Brass and Stainless Steel jewelry made using Victorian technology, etched with Viking runes, Celtic knots and other symbols from around the world. 

32 - True Spirit Revival by Kimberly Erin 

Website | Instagram 
Created to stir the gypsy soul within. These beauties are handmade with LOVE, cleansed under a full moon, charged up and ready to roam! Sterling silver rings, necklaces, cuffs, earrings embellished with authentic gemstones and crystals. Each piece holds a story that deeply resonates with whom it is meant for. 

3 - Velvet Plume by Kristie & Graham Epp 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Velvet Plume creates art, clothing, and basketry that is timeless, handmade and functional. Every piece is made with intention by high school sweethearts, Graham & Kristie Epp. Know your clothing, love the makers. 

39 - VOILÀ par Andr̩éanne by Andreanne Dandeneau 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
VOILÀ Designs is one of Canada's premiere M̩étis fashion brands. For more than a decade, VOILÀ has produced original, distinctive women's clothing that is eco-friendly, beautifully crafted, and luxuriously comfortable. 

21 - Whiteout Workshop by Natasha Paterson  

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 
Original artwork designed and silk screened by hand to create a line of apparel and artwork inspired by our surroundings. 

35 - Yeonhee’s Jewelry by Younhee Sung 

Where nature and art meet. Jewelry with gemstones and ceramics. 

36 - ZAM!! By Lynet Dzaman 

ZAM!!, zany, amazing, magical! We make innovative playthings to juggle, twirl, kick, bounce, spin, imagine and pretend. Wander by the wonderful world of ZAM!! and play with us. LONG LIVE FUN! 

2 - ZOCOCO by Nathalia Polischuk 

Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Drawing inspiration from scientific and botanical illustrations, folklore, textile design, and all aspects of the natural world, ZOCOCO leatherwork is both whimsical and wearable! 

41 - ZSJ Silks by Kristina Kauss 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 
Hand-dyed 100% natural fibres in cotton, rayon or silks in scarves, shawls and body wraps, tops, pants and skirts, bandannas and bags! Multi-functional, wearable and washable works of art. 

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Festival Info

Festival Info

The 2018 Winnipeg Folk Fest takes place at Birds Hill Provincial Park, July 5-8.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

We love good food that’s good for our community – and our environment, too. It is our goal to work with local partners to share a variety of healthy, ethical, affordable and sustainable food choices at all of our events throughout the year and at the summer festival.