2018 Art & Animation Projects

The Art & Animation Program is unique to the Festival Campground. Each year we take submissions for various art projects in hopes of bringing them to life in the campground. This year we’ve brought back some festival favourites and added some awesome new projects! We will be rolling out 6 per week for the next few weeks so keep checking back here for more!


Tangled in Blue
Tangled in Blue is a socially and spatially engaging infrastructure that encourages spontaneity within the festival community.  It’s loosely defined spaces and boundaries invite one to wander through or to sit and stay, to take a nap or to play. As day turns to night, the structure begins to glow creating a whole new landscape for possible activities.


Prairie Dreams 
“Out in the field where the Bison fly, there’s a Prairie dream for you and I.” Come visit this oversized mobile and have yourself a daydream.


T-shirt Remix
Armed with scissors, thread, crafting materials, and imagination folkies restyle old t-shirts into chic eco-friendly wearable DIY designs of their own creation.


Big Games’ Big Tent of Fun
Enter the extravaganza of gameplay, festivities and fun when you walk into the world of the Big Games Tent. Filled with carnival inspired games, traditional super-sized family favourites and prizes!


Vintage Flash Tattoo Parlour
Vintage Flash Tattoo Parlour has been a part of the Festival Campground experience since 2013, offering free temporary rubber stamp and hand-drawn tattoos to folkies of all ages! Vintage Flash isn’t just a creative spot to get tattooed, it’s also a great spot to escape the beating summer sun, occasional downpour of rain and the perfect place for late night music jams!


Mondegreen Lyric Board
What songs did you think you knew the lyrics to, but discovered that you were wrong? Post them here, so we all can sing-a-long!


The Yurts
During the day, the big yurt provides over 200 square feet of shelter from the sun and rain – with space to relax, jam or do some yoga. Swing by Wednesday and Thursday to participate in a community art project to be on display for the remainder of the weekend. At night, enjoy the solar LED light show that will light up the yurts.


Sacred Sircus
Within the Sircus Tent, a stage for evening performance, a puppet stage for creating and staging shows with puppets built by campers and Flaming Trolley crew, as well as a meditation area and daily campground parades. Creative Consensual Community Commons is what Sacred Sircus promotes!


Vinyl Village
Vinyl Village is for everyone and anyone. Spontaneous music to create, enjoy and collaborate. All levels of participation are welcome! 

Muisiriún Illuminé
An illuminated mushroom of epic proportions – a mystical sight sure to enchant the eye.


Pink Elephant on the Prairie
Let’s talk about the elephant in the campground…put together like an oversized 3D puzzle, this whimsical piece of art will be sure to catch your eye. Catch a bit of shade under its surrounding chandelier umbrellas.


Pyramid of Greats
This four-tiered pyramid will feature routered images of legendary folk artists, illuminated from the inside at night. Join us at the Pyramid of Greats, to sing, laugh and celebrate artists of days gone by.


The Wardrobe Revival
The Wardrobe is a magical closet full of tails, tutus and more. Make your festival a fashionable one, find something you love, then return it when you are done!


Yoga Fun for Everyone
Recharge yourself with Yoga Fun for Everyone! Daily morning sessions, with two newly added times on Thursday and Friday afternoon. You don’t need experience or even a mat to enjoy a class. Everyone Welcome.


‘Chute for the Stars! 
The joy of parachute play in the magical setting of the Winnipeg Folk Festival Campground. 


Psychedelic Trojan Horse
“Quit horsing around” The Psychedelic Trojan Horse is back again this year to give you great views of the Festival Campground during the day and a guiding beacon of light at night.


Juke Joint
“We gotta lotta livin’ to do.” When the festival is done for the day, keep dancin’ to the music with nightly shows after Mainstage.


Folk Fest Sundial
The Folk Fest Sundial tells the time using nature and a folk fest camper. Stand in the designated spot and where your shadow falls along the hour markers is the time! The markers have festival activities listed on them and are decorated by local artists.



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