We are so excited to share the artwork for the 2021 Winnipeg Folk Fest designed by Winnipeg’s own Roberta Landreth. Roberta is a long-time supporter of the Festival and her passion for music and this organization really shines through in this piece of work.


Photo: Eva Wasney

Folk Fest has always been synonymous with my very favourite parts of our Prairie City. The years of my life have been measured in Folk Festivals — the epic moments — meeting Bonnie Raitt, or watching my husband play the Main Stage. The quiet moments nestled into the quivering aspen, half-asleep in a hammock as tunes from Big Bluestem drift into my shady cocoon. The Festival is often the highlight of the summer, a weekend to collect memories and dirt between your toes. A place you run into people from all corners of your life and listen to music that changes you.

I don’t think you could ever describe to someone who hasn’t experienced Folk Fest just how magical a feeling it is. When you’re at your campsite and you hear the bass line to a song calling you from the distance — you load up a blanket, halfback chair, and make your way towards the music through the lantern-lit, zig-zagging veins of the forest. As you get closer the drumbeat gets louder, your excitement grows as you join the crowd and move towards the Main Stage, the energy is palpable. Music resonating through the crowd, lights stretching towards the stars lighting up the prairie forest. This is the heartbeat we all share and every year without fail this is a magical moment that I am so proud to be a Winnipegger.

For nearly a decade, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with fabulous and eclectic clients. I’m a Winnipeg-based, graphic designer, working primarily in the music industry. I’ve been very fortunate to win some notable awards alongside some of my favourite musicians, including a JUNO, three Western Canadian Music Awards, and two Covenant Awards though I’m probably better known for collaborations with artists. My portfolio also includes branding and identity work for multiple music festivals and conferences, consulting for corporate advertising campaigns, a rebrand for a major political party, artwork for book covers and wine labels. When I’m not at my desk I’m chasing my toddler son around the house, or my husband on tour around the world. We cannot wait to raise our son as a next-generation Folkie.

I think the music scene in Winnipeg is responsible in a huge way for the happiness and fulfillment I find in my work, it’s a vibrant, close-knit community where we all support each other creatively. This city is passionate about the arts and I feel extremely thankful to be a part of it. Right at the heart of the music scene of course is Folk Fest. I am beyond elated to have worked on this year’s artwork; a project that is very near, and dear, to my heart.

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