Take a piece of Folk Fest home with you, whether it’s a record by your new favourite artist, a Folk Fest T-shirt or a hand-made treasure.

11 - Aflame Creations Jewelry

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Enameled copper jewelry: coloured glass powders melted onto copper at 1500F. Inspired by Nova Scotia's dense forests, ocean waves, shifting skies, and the colours and landscapes of the Himalayas.

By Megan Archer

46 - Alexandra Tumanov Jewellery

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Leaves fallen to the ground, woody plants, precious stones, and hand carvings make up this line of natural objects clad in metal armour.

By Alexandra Tumanov

31 - Aurora Farm

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Aurora Farm loves their happy dairy goats, alpacas, horses, chickens, cats, dogs, honeybees, and donkey. They make goat's milk soap and all kinds of natural body care products.

By Louise May

48 - Boomerang 360

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

A mix of everyday images, inspired by the prairies, nature, travel and urban cycling. From pillows to patches, to your favourite T-shirt, there's something for everyone. Created with the environment in mind, all clothing and accessories are sweatshop free and hand screen printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks that provide long-term durability.

By Kylie Stomp

14 - Braecrest Design

Website | Facebook

Brock’s sense of old-fashioned craftsmanship and love of new technology has inspired him to find new ways to work with a wide range of materials (wood, metal, stone) to create products for the home and garden.

By Brock Wolfe

19 - Charlie's Charmed

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Charlie's Charmed offers a modern twist on traditional men's and women's fashionable wearable's. All products are built with natural wood materials, making each one as unique and individual as the grain from the wood used.

By Ryan Mendoza

18 - Copper & Pine

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Copper & Pine creates handmade jewelry containing real pieces of nature that intends to put the focus back on the little things. The beauty of a tiny pine cone or the intricacy of dandelion fluff, preserved into a simple pendant, is a wonderful reminder to pause and notice the beautiful details of nature all around us.

By Jessica Solta

10 - DoorYard Pottery

Facebook | Instagram

Functional, handcrafted pottery designed to enhance your environment and culinary experiences.

By Michael Astill

32 - Earth Jewelry

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Andrea Merredew cuts and polishes rocks, carves wood, transforms brittle tree bark into wearable art. Each piece of jewellery is unique and beautiful and designed in collaboration with the Earth.

By Andrea Merredew

5 - Fat Daug-Hand Carved Antler Jewelry

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Fat Daug stands for Father-Daughter and the art of antler carving passed on to Candace from her dad. Our unique and organic jewelry is created as our way of giving thanks to the animal who has sustained us. You, the bearer, allows its spirit to live in the pieces we create.

By Candace Lipischak

4 - Fire Bug


Pottery is made to be used.  An ancient craft dating back thousands of years. I use original techniques, firing an ancient style kiln and throwing on a foot-powered wheel.

By Alan Lacovetsky

25 - Fwegga Leather Design

Etsy | Facebook

Fwegga Leather Design makes unique leather work such as cuffs, watchbands, masks, belts, elf ears, hats and more. From steampunk to urban, you can always find something new and original.

By Christine Rouleau

23 - Heartsease Inc.


Heartsease is a Winnipeg skincare company with over 20 years in business.  Their products are vegetable based, luxurious, long lasting and packaged in reusable jars and bottles. Gentle for your skin and the environment!

By Gwenn McDonald

35 - Jennea Frischke Jewelry

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Small batch handcrafted jewelry. Sterling silver and gold filled pieces are accented with gemstones and vintage components. Inspired by nature, the paranormal, and historical jewelry.

By Jennea Frischke

22 - Kat Cadegan Jewellery

Website | Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Inspired by nature and made by hand, Kat Cadegan creates timeless pieces to be worn for years to come.

By Kat Cadegan

8 - Kate Froese Pottery

Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Inspired by the world around her, Kate creates fine ceramics and functional pottery that echoes her experiences in rural and northern Canada, including some escapism fantasies in her whimsical pieces.

By Kate Froese

10 - Kelli Rey Studio

Website | Instagram

Artfully designed functional ceramics with an eclectic mix of colour and texture that will surprise, puzzle and entertain.

By Kelli Rey

28 - Kunai

Website | Instagram

Tusa Rosebud's passion for textile arts, love for children, and deep prairie roots are the perfect recipe for Kunai's magical kids clothing!

By Tusa Rosebud

44 - Lady Bug Creations

Lady Bug Creations displays hand-painted exquisite and whimsical one of a kind works of art including treasure boxes, light switch plates, tiles, greeting cards, bookmarks pins, magnets, puzzles and paintings.

By Carol Schroeder

13 - Majesty Industries

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Eye-catching vegan-friendly bags, wallets and pins made in Edmonton. Illustrated, silkscreened and sewn by hand.

By Julie Morrison

34 - Mama Pacha

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Mama Pacha is your local herbal skin care specialist. We have a history in Manitoba of providing small batch high-quality herbal skin care at an affordable price. We focus on working with local suppliers for our raw ingredients whenever possible.  We are proud to be your trusted local skin care company

By Tara Garcia

45 - Marc Simard/Norwegian Wood

Website | Instagram (Marc Simard) | Instagram (Norwegian Wood)

Marc Simard and Angie Johnson (Norwegian Wood) have been selling their handmade accessories for men and women at the Winnipeg Folk Festival for over 10 years. Come see what's new this year!

By Marc Simard & Angie Johnson

30 - Mehndi / Henna Tattoos

With over 40 years of experience in Mehndi body art designs, Aruna excels in traditional and the latest elegant and intricate designs to suit festival mood. Aruna is proud to be a part of Winnipeg Folk Fest for 20 years.

By Aruna Hingwala

43 - Missing Spoon Jewelry

Handmade Spoon Jewelry made in Saskatchewan. Est. 1999

By Jason Cockrum

15 - Morning Glory Woodworking


A few years ago John’s love of wood-working, art and music smacked into each other upon the discovery of the cigar box guitar. Since then, he has have never made two the same and doubts he ever will.

By John Bell

9 - Mumble Tease

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Perhaps the most colourful and whimsical silk-screened apparel around. Original artwork and ideas are lovingly hand-printed onto a variety of quality garments for men, women and kids of all ages.

By Heather Reinhardt

42 - New Earth Frequency

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Handcrafted jewelry that celebrates the resonances and reflections throughout nature, reminding us to create and nourish deeper connections with the natural world and each other.

By Aimee McGillis

12 - Oldhat

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Hand-made for fine folks. All hats made by Nathan in Winnipeg with recycled fabrics. Used ice cream pails are salvaged and used for brim stiffening. Uniquely numbered since hat #0001.

By Nathan Dueck

47 - Orange and Prairie

Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

Orange and Prairie offers handcrafted modern leather jewelry with a casual feel. Pieces are created for every day, adding interest and texture to any outfit.

By Caroline Mandarino

6 - Runs with Scissors

Website | Instagram | Facebook

A multi-disciplined fibre artist, Heidi Hunter lives to dye. Known for her hand-dyed festival clothing, exquisite art quilts, and endless creativity, her booth is a one-stop showcase of colour.

By Heidi Hunter

24 - Salvaged Earth Designs

Website | Instagram

Salvaged Earth Designs makes unique eco-friendly art and wooden kitchen utensils from salvaged and upcycled materials. To decorate you, your home and your kitchen!

By Carson Hillby

38 - Samantha James Hair Design


Samantha James Hair Design is a boutique salon in St. Boniface bringing their services to you at the festival. They offer hair and makeup services and strive to be eco-conscious and create a unique experience for each guest.

By Samantha Lacoste

17 - Sarah Sue Design


Sarah Sure Design creates modern sustainable clothing with exquisite fabric and exceptional finishing. Sarah uses luxurious bamboo, linen, silk, and cashmere to construct modern styles of kimono cardigans, flowy tunics and one-of-kind pieces. Her small batch collections are hand-dyed and use minimalistic and contemporary silhouettes for a timeless look. Featuring styles for all shapes and sizes. All made ethically here in Winnipeg.

By Sarah MacLachlan

27 - Scam Skate Ltd


Scam Skate is a unique skate shop that creates its own skateboards in-house. Scam Skate prides itself in high-quality products and a unique manufacturing process.

By Joel Baker

20 - Sheppards Hook

Website | Instagram

Bold statement jewellery handmade in Winnipeg using naturally-shed antler, moss, quill and gemstones. Sheppards Hook strives to make wild, unique pieces inspired by the prairies.

By Katie Sheppard

33 - Shi Studio

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Creating small moments of beauty, Shi Studio fuses silk, glass, silver, brass, pearls, gemstones and leather into elegant, one of a kind artisan jewelry and accessories. They create pieces expressing individual style drawn from multiple craft traditions and years in the handmade movement. Pendants, leather wrap cuffs, earrings, charm bracelets, belt buckles and statement necklaces handcrafted just for you.

By Cory Judge

40 - Siggi Clothier

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Consciously created linen and organic fibre clothing for women and kids. Designed and made in small runs in Winnipeg. Good for the planet and for your thoughtful, minimalist wardrobe.

By Karyn Astleford

26 - SkateBetty Recycled Skateboard Shop

Etsy | Instagram | Facebook

SkateBetty Recycled Skateboard Shop transforms broken skateboards into sustainable fashion. Each piece is skated and created in Winnipeg.

By Sheena Crookes

16 - SOL Designs

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Manitoba hand-made, one of a kind, minimalist design leather/wood as well as upcycled vinyl flooring/wood handbags. Fun, colourful and smart ecologically friendly felt home accessories.

By Sol Desharnais

1 - The Quarrelsome Yeti

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Handprinted artwork and apparel by Nova Scotian artist, Geordan Moore.

By Geordan Moore

28 - The Salvage Heart

Website | Instagram | Facebook

The Salvage HeART's designs are each original pieces created by prairie artist Nadia Kuhl from 100% upcycled and pre-loved items, deconstructed, free-hand cut (no forms or leather die-cuts used) and rebuilt/recreated into beautiful, one-of-a-kind, lightweight, wearable art.

by Nadia Kuhl

7 - The Woodland Faery

Bringing with them a sense of intrigue, charm and a wee bit of magic, these natural and handcrafted items spark imagination, creativity and wonder for both young and old.

By Susan Holloway

3 - Velvet Plume

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Velvet Plume is a husband-and-wife team who design and sew one-of-a-kind rope vessels and small batch clothing. They stand on their own with timeless and high-quality artistry.

By Kristie & Graham Epp

37 - Vicki Sather Designs

Instagram | Facebook

Traditional hand blocked millinery with a mix of modern and vintage style.

By Vicki Sather

39 - VOILÀ par Andréanne

Website | Instagram | Facebook

VOILÀ Designs is a local French Métis fashion company that empowers women and inspires pride. For more than a decade, VOILÀ has produced original, unique women's clothing that is eco-friendly, beautifully crafted, and luxuriously comfortable.

By Andréanne Dandeneau

29 - VONBROS Men's Grooming

Website | Instagram | Facebook

VONBROS is a modern, all-naturally handcrafted product line for beards, shaving, tattoos, and body care.  Made in Morden, Manitoba.

By Mark von Riesen

21 - Whiteout Workshop

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Original artwork inspired by my surroundings and silk screened by hand to create a line of apparel and accessories everyone can love.

By Natasha Paterson

36 - ZAM!!

ZAM!! Zany. Amazing. Magical. We make innovative playthings to juggle, twirl, kick, bounce, spin, imagine and pretend. Wander by the Wonderful World of Zam and play with us. LONG LIVE FUN!

By Lynet Dzaman


Website | Instagram | Facebook

Nathalia is a Winnipeg based artist, musician and leatherworker.  Creating pieces that are rich in colour, texture and story, she draws inspiration from nature, folkloric tradition and textile design.

By Nathalia Polischuk

41 - ZSJ Silks

Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Kristina creates machine washable, multi-functional, wearable works of art in silks and cotton. Scarves, shawls, body wraps, tops, pants, skirts and long body wrap creations!

By Kristina Kauss