The Winnipeg Folk Festival is proud to provide services that create an easily accessible Festival.

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Application Forms for Accessibility Pass- Open Soon

Free admission for support persons helping someone with a disability to attend the Festival through an Accessibility Pass. For questions regarding accessibly supports please email

What We Offer

  • Free admission for support persons helping someone with a disability to attend the Festival through an Accessibility Pass.
  • Text versions of selected sections of the program book are available online for screen-reading software.
  • Large-print schedules are available online.
  • Accessible mobile application available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Getting There

  • The Folk Fest Express is our public bus that runs to and from the site. Buses depart from downtown Winnipeg and stop on Festival Drive in Birds Hill Provincial Park. Our downtown stop is on Northbound Memorial between St. Mary and Portage beside the Hudson's Bay Company. All Folk Fest Express buses are accessible.  
  • Accessible Parking is for individuals who require accessible parking, it is located in Festival West Parking close to the Main Gate. Our friendly traffic volunteer will confirm you have a Manitoba Parking Permit (or similar province/state placard) and help you find a spot. 
  • Provincial Park Pass is what you will need to purchase a Provincial Park Pass to get into Birds Hill Provincial Park if you are driving to the Festival. Provincial Park Passes MUST be purchased online (, printed and displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle for the duration of your stay at the Festival. Provincial Park Passes are only valid for the licence plate(s) and dates listed. 

Once You Get There

  • Accessible seating area available at the Main Stage.
  • Paths leading to the public areas of the Festival are wide and without steps or barriers. The ground may be uneven and patrons with limited mobility or wheelchair users may require assistance. 
  • Low counter at the Main Gate box office.
  • ATM is accessible for wheelchairs and low/no vision – 37” high; with keypads.
  • All food vendors are provided with a low counter and additional lighting was installed in the food village to provide greater visibility.
  • Wheelchair accessible porta-pottie at every bank of porta-potties on the Festival site.
  • Wheelchair charging stations at Audience Services tent and at the accessible seating area at Main Stage.
  • Accessible porta-pottie located near the Main Stage seating area.
  • Sign language interpretation is offered at select stages.
  • Adult changing facility by the First Aid & Wellness tent.
  • Service animals are welcome. A person with a disability can be accompanied by their service animal to all areas available to the public.
  • Accessible camping area available in the RV section of the Festival Campground. Limited power can be made available to charge essential medical devices in a designated area.
    Contact in advance of the festival to be connected to an Accessibility Liaison.
  • In the Quiet Campground, Area 7 has an accessible path from the communal shelter to the toilet building with an accessible stall. Limited power can be made available to charge essential medical devices. NOTE: The Quiet Campground is not fully accessible. The ground can be uneven, the campground is 4 km from the Festival site, the camping sites are a couple hundred meters from the bus stops, and the buses are not accessible (i.e. multiple steps). Please plan according to your own needs and abilities.
  • If you require access to power for medical devices, please let us know in advance by emailing and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act makes it possible for people of all abilities to be a part of their communities every day.

The Winnipeg Folk Festival welcomes people of all abilities and inclusion is a priority. We pride ourselves in our efforts to identify, remove and prevent barriers to offer the best festival experience possible. We have assembled an Accessibility Advisory Group to continue those efforts on an ongoing basis.

At the Winnipeg Folk Festival, we believe that accessibility means participation for all people. We commit to achieving as full accessibility as possible in partnership with the people we support, their support networks and our staff and volunteers. We commit to meeting or exceeding our obligations under the Accessibility for Manitobans Act. The WFF commits to sharing expertise on accessibility and to advocating for the rights for all people

Accessibility Plan
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Accessible Customer Service Policy
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