Festival Campground Design Guide

Be Creative, Engage Community, Celebrate and Have Fun!

The Festival Campground is home to 6,000 people during the Winnipeg Folk Festival (WFF), July 5-9, 2023. It is a vibrant and beautiful place in Birds Hill Provincial Park where music and community are celebrated.

Create art, make music, decorate, host games and other group activities - show your creativity to win four 4-day tickets with Festival Camping for the 2024 Festival. 

What can I create?

Creative campsites should encourage and reflect the positive, safe and community culture of the Festival Campground. We suggest ideas like decorating your campsite as the 1970s to celebrate the first ever Folk Fest or hosting games with your fellow campers.

You can use costumes, decorations, solar lighting, or make stand-alone art pieces that encourage interaction and beautify the campground.

The following guidelines are to ensure creations are safe for campers and honour the natural environment of the provincial park. Our friendly safety volunteers will keep an eye out for safety concerns.  
  • Set up begins after the Campground opens Wednesday July 5, 2023.
  • Make room for everyone! Creative campsites should not take up an unreasonable amount of space, shaded area or infringe on designated roads and paths.
  • Creative campsites should be safe in all types of weather in our outdoor environment. Use weather resistant materials, with the ability to withstand sun, wind and rain.
  • Creative campsites must be designed and installed in a manner that presents no danger to campers (no sharp edges or heavy elements that could fall).
  • Campsites should be easy to set up and remove. Help reach our campground waste goals by packing out what you bring in.
  • Campers are responsible to completely remove the campsite before 12:00 PM on Monday, July 10. We are a “Leave No Trace” event.
  • We’re not permitted to make changes to Birds Hill Park facilities, such as shelters, picnic tables, fire pits and water taps.
  • We need to protect the natural environment. Anything that has a negative effect on the natural environment like digging or cutting/trimming trees will not be permitted. (Digging and long tent pegs, maximum tent peg length allowed is 12”, can cause damage to underground power and water lines.)
  • Prohibited items include indoor furniture, hot tubs, saunas or fireworks, tiki torches, fire elements, and generators.
  • We can't permit large built structures or large event tents that can fall on someone or that someone can fall from. (The maximum Tent Size is 10’ x 20'.). Yurts and Geodesic Domes are allowed as long as they are safely installed.
  • Please refrain from amplified music – our campers value the campground’s acoustic nature!
  • No serving food or alcohol, let’s keep each other safe and healthy.
  • Please no illicit behaviour associated with your creation. No drug use, nudity, binge drinking devices, etc.
  • Creations must adhere to our safer spaces policy.

Enter the Campground Design Contest

To inspire creativity and artistic activity in the campground, we’ve created the new Campground Design Contest. Campers who create a unique campsite will have a chance to enter to win four 4-Day Tickets with Festival Camping for the 2024 Winnipeg Folk Festival.

To enter the draw, you must submit photos of your art, your decorated campsite, or group activity with contact information using the submission form below.

All the campers who participate and enter the draw will be eligible to win. You will have until July 17, 2023, after the Festival to enter the draw. One submission will be drawn at random, and the winner will be announced on the Winnipeg Folk Festival social media channels and contacted directly.