Bike Ride to Site

Due to severe weather and lightning, Bike Ride to Site 2018 has been cancelled. Your safety is our priority. Please consider other options for getting to the site on our Getting There page. 

The approximately two-hour bike ride is a great chance to enjoy the outdoors and help reduce the festival’s carbon footprint. By participating in the Bike Ride to Site and not driving to Birds Hill Provincial Park, we save approximately two metric tonnes of carbon dioxide each year. This is equal to the carbon sequestered by 53 tree seedlings grown for 10 years!

Help reduce the festival’s environmental impact and get active – leave your car at home and join the Bike Ride to Site!


Help reduce the festival’s environmental impact – leave your car at home and join the Bike Ride to Site. 2018 will mark our ninth annual organized bike ride out to the Fest. The approximately two-hour bike ride is a great chance to enjoy the outdoors and help reduce the festival’s carbon footprint.

We have room for 300 riders on Wednesday, July 4th. There will be three groups of 100 cyclists that depart between 5:45 AM-6:15 AM on Wednesday, July 4th. There are two Regular Rides and one Casual Ride. The Regular Rides are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders. There are two regular rides as we need to split the ride into groups of 100; be sure to talk to your friends about what ride you will be registering for if you want to ride together. The Casual Ride is ideal for beginner riders, those riding with bike carts, or those who want a more relaxed ride.

To guarantee that you get into the ride that best fits your riding level, make sure you sign up quickly! We cannot add any more spaces once rides are full.

In the event that the second regular ride and casual ride do not reach capacity, riders from both rides will ride together at 6:00 am. To ensure all participants have an enjoyable experience within their experience level, the amalgamated ride will be considered the new casual ride.

Rides depart from The Forks in the parking lot across the street from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and north of York.

There is a park and ride option. You can park your car in the designated parking area at The Forks for the entire festival. Be sure to indicate if you require this service on your application. There are a limited number of spots available.

All riders will have the option to load a maximum of two units onto a van to be delivered to Birds Hill Park. (examples of a unit would be one standard sized cooler, one duffle bag, one backpack, etc.). We cannot transport extra bags or coolers, so pack accordingly!

Bring appropriate riding gear, a bike that can go on trails and gravel, a snack, and plenty of water. Everyone must wear a helmet and be a respectful, responsible, and safe rider.

No more than two people may ride side by side, and you must stick with the group. We have worked hard to provide a safe route and will be spending very little time on busy roadways. However, rainfall can affect our route and we may need to reroute onto highway 59. If this happens, you must ride in single file and not pass other riders.

Note: The best way to protect your bicycle is with a good lock and to register it with the City of Winnipeg Bicycle Recovery Section. With registration, if your stolen bicycle is located, you will be notified immediately and arrangements can be made for you to get your bicycle back.