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Art & Animation Program

What is the Art and Animation Program?

The Festival Campground is home to 6,000 people during the Winnipeg Folk Festival (WFF), open July 8 -12, 2020. It is a vibrant and beautiful place in Birds Hill Provincial Park where music and community are celebrated. Many campers have a tradition of creating art, making music, designing games and other group activities – all in the spirit of sharing and showcasing their ideas and work. These activities make our campground a unique experience and we embrace this creativity and engagement from campers!

With the popularity of the program growing in recent years, submissions are at an all-time high. As a not-for-profit, registered charity we do what we can to support a select group of projects with a limited number of free tickets, help ensuring structures are safe for campers, advanced access to the campground and marketing and promotion. We strive to support a mix of new projects and camper favourites – however, there is no guarantee of acceptance.

Have an idea that requires some support – apply below! January 30, 2020 is the deadline to apply.

Read on for all the info you need about the Art and Animation Program!

What Kind of Projects Can I Submit for Support?

Visual Art: Stand-alone art projects that encourage interaction and/or beautify the campground.

Theatre/Dance/Performance: Projects that primarily entertain the campground community, with or without camper participation.

Animation: Any project that directly engages the campground community and/or you do an activity with them (may be educational, artistic, musical, family-oriented, physical movement, healthy living, games, etc.).

Services: Any project that provides a service to the campground community, which means you do something for them as opposed to them doing something with you, such as green projects promoting sustainability, ‘leave no trace’ camping, signage, landmarks or way-finding sculptures, communal structures providing shelter from the elements (e.g. yurts/geodesic domes/shade structures).

Is there anything that won’t be approved that I should know about before I apply?

Unfortunately, yes. We are on provincial land so due to provincial regulations, we are unable to approve any projects that have the following elements:

  • Serving food (health code restrictions)
  • Serving alcohol (liquor act restrictions)
  • Involving personal one-on-one services such as massages, etc.
  • Involving water (they cause drainage issues)
  • Modification to any Birds Hill Park facilities, including water taps
  • Digging into the ground (tent pegs excluded, of course)
  • Trimming or cutting down trees
  • Anything involving prohibited items including household furniture, hot tubs, saunas, fireworks or tiki torches
  • Amplified music – our campers value the campground’s acoustic nature!
  • Projects that duplicate a service already provided by the WFF or festival vendors

What Support is Offered Through the AAP?

Requests for free entry to the festival (four-day ticket with Festival Camping) can be made in recognition of the time and effort participants put into their projects. There are a limited number of tickets available to support the program overall, and there can be a maximum request of ten (10) tickets per project.

Information and site access support is crucial for any projects that you are planning that are large-scale, impact many campers and/or impact the physical environment.  It’s important to ensure that the project is done in a safe, positive way that continues to foster our positive relationship with Birds Hill Park.

Note: As we are in a provincial park, access to power is limited. We can provide power in some locations for set-up (e.g. charging tools). However, we are not able to provide power during festival operating times when it is limited to essential services such as the first aid tent and food vendors.

Submission Guidelines


  • Submissions from individuals and groups are welcome.
  • Submissions should reflect the culture and values of the Winnipeg Folk Festival.
  • Animators must ensure that their proposal is feasible, both physically and financially, in the form it is submitted.
  • Specific animation locations are available. We will work with selected participants to find a suitable location for each project which should not take up and unreasonable amount of space, shaded area or infringe on designated roadway space.
  • All projects must be designed to be safe during all hours and all types of weather in our outdoor environment. This includes:
    • Using weather resistant materials, and have the ability to withstand sun, wind, rain and curious members of the campground community.
    • Projects must be designed and installed in a manner that presents no danger to the public (no sharp edges or heavy elements that could fall down).
    • Using solar lighting to ensure that your animation site is illuminated during hours of darkness, whether in use or not. No one wants anyone hurt or your project damaged due to someone stumbling into it in the dark.
    • Designing for ease of installation and removal, as well as leaving no impact on the natural environment.
    • For any large structures, agreeing to provide an engineer-approved design that meets all provincial temporary building codes.
  • Projects must be self-reliant and not require external support during the festival. This includes transportation of people and/or equipment to and from performances.
  • All animators must adhere to the Participant Responsibilities of the festival.

Schedule Info

Pre-festival: Participants will be responsible for transporting, installing and fully completing their projects between Saturday, July 4 and Tuesday, July 7, 2020. Entry times and scheduling for campground set-up will be provided upon acceptance to the program.

Post-festival: Participants are responsible for deconstructing and completely removing all projects before 4:00 PM on Monday, July 13, 2020. Please remember we are a “Leave No Trace” event.

We would like to see a schedule that highlights your project daily throughout the festival. This said, there are certain times that we require projects to not be operating:

  • During Main Stage hours, 6:00 PM to Midnight daily. We want everyone to be able to experience the great music on the festival site!
  • Between 3:00 AM and 9:00 AM daily. To help prepare for this 3:00 AM shut down we require that projects gradually wind down what they are doing between 2:00 and 3:00 AM to ease the transition.

Supporting Documents

It is important that complete information is submitted with your proposal. This is so we can assess the applications with a clear and thorough knowledge of what you wish to create and how it will be installed at the venue. Safety is the most important aspect of installing your work. You must demonstrate how you will address this for the duration of the event!

Please include the following information:

  • Sketches of your proposal
  • Construction drawings (for build projects)
  • Ability to comply with safety requirements
  • Pictures of previous works (if applicable)

Art & Animation Program Application

AAP Application
Maximum upload size: 25.17MB