Festival Campground Art & Animation

What is the Art and Animation Program?

The Festival Campground is home to 6,000 people during the Winnipeg Folk Festival (WFF), open July 10-14, 2019. It is a vibrant and beautiful place in Birds Hill Provincial Park where music and community are celebrated. Many campers have a tradition of creating art, making music, designing games and other group activities – all in the spirit of sharing and showcasing their ideas and work. These activities make our campground a unique experience and we embrace this creativity and engagement from campers!

We recognize the time, effort and passion that campers put into creating these projects. As a not-for-profit, registered charity we do what we can to support a select number of projects each year with a small financial contribution or free tickets, help ensuring your structure is safe for campers, advanced access to the campground and marketing and promotion.

Applications are now closed.