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Guest For A Day

Applications open in the New Year!

Each year, we invite nonprofit community groups to be part of our Guest for a Day (GFAD) program.

This program is designed for people who may not otherwise be able to attend the festival, to come and experience the wonderful music, food and community. We give complimentary tickets to 30 community groups so they can take in the festival's sights, sounds and tastes!

What’s on offer this year, you ask?

Tickets to the festival
You can choose to come to the Festival on Friday, July 12 or Sunday, July 14. Each organization is eligible for up to 20 tickets. These 20 tickets are for your participants as well as staff attending.

Group transportation is available to and from the Festival site in a few different ways:

  • GFAD Bus – The GFAD bus leaves from the corner of Market Ave. and Lily St. (behind the Centennial Concert Hall) at 9:30 AM on both Friday and Sunday of the Festival. There are two options to take this bus back to the corner of Market Ave. and Lily St. (behind the Centennial Concert Hall). One bus will leave at 4:30 PM and the second bus will leave at 7:30 PM.
  • Folk Fest Express – The Folk Fest Express is the festival’s fast and convenient bus service to and from the Festival allowing you to travel on your own time! Buses run every half-hour. The downtown stop is Northbound Memorial between St. Mary Ave. and Portage Ave. beside the Hudson’s Bay Company. The Folk Fest Express stops on Festival Drive in Birds Hill Provincial Park. Schedules and pick up information will be on our website in June 2019.
  • Travel Independently – Your organization is welcome to travel to and from the Festival independently in your own vehicles. Accessible parking is available near the Main Gate Box Office. Groups will need a provincial park pass to enter and park. If purchasing a park pass is a barrier to attending please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!

Choose your own arrival time
Your group can arrive on your own time (unless specifically taking the GFAD bus as outlined above). You will need to confirm an arrival time in advance with your Volunteer Guide so they know when to meet you at the Gate to give you your wristbands. If your group has staggered arrival times, your Volunteer Guide can meet each smaller group at the Gate and show them where to join you once they arrive!

Meal vouchers
Our meal vouchers will get you a great meal from one of our participating food vendors. Lunch vouchers are available to all participants. We also have a limited number of dinner vouchers available for those groups who are staying later into the evening.

Volunteer Guide
A Volunteer Guide is assigned to your group and they will handle all correspondence in advance of the Festival with you as well as meet you upon your arrival to the Festival to give you your wristbands and meal vouchers. You can choose (in advance) to have their support in one of three ways:

  • for the day to ensure you have the best Festival experience possible
  • for a short tour once you arrive
  • to greet you and get you into the Festival grounds

Your guide will also be available at the end of the day to ensure you are safely on your way home and most importantly to follow up on the great experience you will have had at the Festival!

Pre-Festival Open House
We offer an open house for the staff of your organization to attend. This is a great opportunity for staff to meet your Volunteer Guide, ask any questions, clarify any needs and ensure your group is best prepared for the Festival. We do encourage you to attend the Open House. The Open House is optional but if you choose not to attend you will need to be in communication with your Volunteer Guide prior to the Festival. Your Volunteer Guide will be provided with your contact info and will reach out in advance of the Festival.