Getting There

By Vehicle

Birds Hill Provincial Park is 34 km (20 minutes) northeast of Winnipeg on Provincial Hwy 59 (City Route 20). This will take you to the West Gate. Alternatively, you can take Route 20 to Dugald Road to Hwy 206 to get to the East Gate. Parking is free and close to the Folk Fest site.

Parking Procedures

West comes and goes west, east comes and goes east

The parking lot is divided into two lots – east lot and west lot. If you enter the park via the east gate off Hwy 206, you will park in the east lot and exit the same way via the east gate. If you enter the west gate off Hwy 59, park in the west lot and exit the same way via Hwy 59. Those camping in the Provincial Park Campground and Quiet Campground will also park in the west lot. Please let our friendly traffic volunteers help you; this process will speed up the exit for everyone!

For detailed information about the parking procedures, click here.


Accessible Parking

For individuals who require accessible parking, it is located in Festival West Parking close to the Main Gate. Our friendly traffic volunteer will confirm you have a Manitoba Parking Permit (or similar province/state placard) and help you find a spot.

Provincial Park Pass

You will need to purchase a Provincial Park Pass to get into Birds Hill Provincial Park if you are driving to the festival. We encourage you to pick yours up at before you get to the festival so you don’t have to stop and pay at the park gate. You’ll get to the music quicker if you do! Provincial park passes are available most places that sell fishing licences.

For detailed information about the parking procedures, click here.

Folk Fest Express

Enjoy a FREE, fast and convenient bus ride to and from the festival! Buses depart from downtown Winnipeg and stop on Festival Drive in Birds Hill Park.

Downtown stop is Northbound Memorial between St.Mary and Portage beside the Hudson's Bay Company.

We believe everyone should have access to the Folk Fest Express bus service. Every bus headed out to the site is accessible to all Festival goers. You’ll help reduce our carbon footprint, save on gas and avoid the wait to exit the parking lot at the end of the night. To catch a bus home, wait at the bus stop on Festival Drive, located across the road from the main parking area.

We are not responsible for unforeseen delays caused by construction, heavy traffic or accidents.

By Bike

Birds Hill Park isn’t that far away from the city – close enough to bike to, in fact! The ride from downtown Winnipeg to the festival site takes about two hours.