Staff and Board


Arwen Helene

Production Manager

Breanne Delaney

Finance & Administration Manager

Brittany May

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Chris Frayer

Artistic Director

Daniel Waycik

Protection & Traffic Coordinator

Danielle Pilon

Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Gino Castillo

Content Creator

Morgan Hamill

Artistic Coordinator

Karla Ferguson

Volunteer Resources Manager

Katie Hohne

Production Coordinator

Lee-Anne Van Buekenhout

Marketing & Communications Manager

Nicole Anderson

Logistics Coordinator

Ryan Bruce

Finance Officer

Shannon Burns

Development Officer

Valerie Shantz

Executive Director

Victoria King

Sponsorship & Development Manager

If you'd like to get in touch with any of the staff please submit an email on our Contact page.

Board of Directors

The Winnipeg Folk Festival Board of Directors is a diverse group of community leaders and key decision makers who provide strategic leadership to the organization.


Lucy Szkwarek, Chair
Michael Kelly, Secretary
Graeme Findlay, Vice Chair & Treasurer
Eric Kananoja, Past Chair


Adam Hanson
Bobbi-Jo Leclair
Carey Richards
Cathy Steven
Fran Taylor
Irene Friesen-Hughes
Jenny Gerbasi
Les Wiens
Lisa Ducharme
Lucy Brandes
Michael Paluk
Nicole Ritchot

Past President & Chairs

Peter Stringham, 1976–1979

Greg Brunskill, 1980

Derek Black, 1981–1987

Jane Graham, 1988–1990

David Asper, 1991–1992

Michael Handler, 1993–1995

Brenda Prosken, 1996–1998

Gloria Koop, 1999–2000

Gerry Couture, 2001–2002

Sandra Altner 2003–2004

Terry Sargeant 2005–2009

Allan Finkel 2010-2011

Gerry Couture, 2012

Mike Baudic, 2012-2015

Karen-Denise Cyr, 2015-2017

Noreen Mian, 2017-2019

Sky Bridges 2019-2021

Eric Kananoja, 2021-2023

Honourary Members

Mitch Podolak (Founder/Director/Artistic Director), 1974-1975

Colin Gorrie (Founder), 1974–1975

Ava Kobrinsky (Founder), 1976-1989

Nate Nurgitz (Board Legal Advisor), 1975–85

Bill Merritt (Business/General Manager), 1977–1994

Jon Singleton (Past Treasurer), 1978–1987

Past Executive Directors

Trudy Schroeder, 1999–2008

Tamara Kater, 2008–2011

Lynne Skromeda, 2012-2023

Past Artistic Directors

Mitch Podolak, 1974-1986

Rosalie Goldstein, 1987–1991

Pierre Guérin, 1992–2000

Rick Fenton, 2001–2004