How to Folk


Since the beginning, we have gathered at Birds Hill Park for the common love of people and music. Every summer we build a community that reflects the way we wish the world would be – a place where we can be unapologetically ourselves, full of inclusivity, kindness, and compassion.

As audience members, performers, volunteers, and staff, we all play an important role in the continued success of this community and the Winnipeg Folk Festival.

Keep reading for some tips on how you can help us keep the festival a safe, welcoming, and warm place for everyone.

How to Folk


Wristbands must be worn at all times and shown for entry into Folk Fest campgrounds and the Festival site. Wristbands are non-transferable and non-exchangeable. If your wristband is removed or tampered with, it cannot be replaced and you will not be allowed entry.


Disorderly conduct is not tolerated at Folk Fest. This includes drunkenness, rowdy or otherwise disorderly conduct, obscene, crude or abusive language, taking inappropriate or non-consensual photographs or video and/or failure to follow directions from Festival staff and volunteers. Please see Community Wellness for more information.


The Festival site is fully licensed meaning you can enjoy your favourite beverage while listening to your favourite band. The Family Area is an alcohol free zone and we remind everyone to be respectful of your neighbours.


No smoking or vaping of any kind (including medical cannabis) in seating areas, including taverns or under tents. If you do smoke, please stand away from crowded areas. In Manitoba, smoking or vaping non-medical cannabis is illegal in all public places, including Birds Hill Provincial Park. For more information, please refer to the Cannabis and Manitoba Provincial Parks Questions and Answers document from the Government of Manitoba. Free pocket ashtrays are available at Audience Services.


Leave no trace and pack out everything you bring in. Campsites must be kept clean. Take all of your waste to the receptacles provided. Make sure water taps are turned off when not in use. Remove any ropes you tie to trees when you leave.


Take conversations away from seating areas. Please be respectful of performers and other folkies and have your conversations (in person or on the phone) away from the crowd.

New Project

Take only the space you need and don’t block others’ views. If you have something that could impede someone’s view (e.g. higher lawn chairs, shade umbrellas, etc.) please sit at the back of the seating areas. Tarps can be a maximum size of 8 by 10 feet.


Main Stage accessible seating is on the left side facing the stage. Please respect this space and keep it open for those that need it.


Dance to your heart’s content on the right side when facing the stages. People may stand up and move to the front of the stage for the last band’s set on Main Stage. Please respect people’s space and be mindful of their belongings and tarps.


Be patient and follow the directions of our traffic volunteers. The parking lot is divided into two lots – east lot and west lot. If you park in the west lot, you will have to exit via the west gate towards Highway 59. If you park in the east lot, you will have to exit via the east gate towards Highway 206. No exceptions after 9 PM in order to get everyone home quickly and safely. Quiet campers will be directed around South Drive at night after 9 PM for safety - follow the friendly signs!


Camp and picnic in the campgrounds, not by your car. We have two beautiful campgrounds and Birds Hill Provincial Park has many picnic areas. Our parking lots are high traffic areas and we do not allow camping or cooking on camp stoves, BBQs, etc. there at any time. There is no overnight parking in our lots.

The People

  • There’s something magical about Folk Fest that makes everyone who attends feel like their best selves. A special community forms at the Festival, people that you’ve never met feel like neighbours and friends, making the atmosphere welcoming and relaxed.
  • The Festival is run by 24 permanent and contract staff and overseen by a volunteer board of 15 very nice people – it’s a non-profit AND a charity. Learn more about the organization and the folks that work there on the About Us page.
  • Over 2,000 volunteers help run the four-day Festival. Many have been volunteering with the Festival for 20, 30 and 40 years but are always ready to welcome new faces to the Folk Fest family! They are happy to help you at any turn. If you're interested in volunteering check out the Volunteer page.

The Music


  • Music for everyone! We have a little something for everyone with a range of roots, indie rock, singer-songwriters, electronic, country, Celtic, Americana and genres from around the globe. Many of the 75+ artists in our lineup are playing in Manitoba for the very first time!
  • Folk music is passed down through families and communities. Although it has morphed and evolved through the generations the feeling is the same – it gives voice to the people who long for equality and justice through authentic and honest storytelling. We will continue to discover and evolve together. 
  • We have nine stages throughout the Festival site. During the day, these stages are home to concerts, workshops and family programming. In the evenings, Main Stage is where our headlining bands play while Big Blue @ Night has more alternative music to groove to. 
  • Daytime workshops are a huge part of the “discovery” aspect of Folk Fest, for Festivalgoers and artists alike. Workshops allow artists to jam with other artists they may have never had the opportunity to collaborate with and YOU get to discover new music as part of a one-time-only experience!
  • Award-winning Family Festivities. The Chickadee Big Top is home to live children’s music and fun Friday through Sunday. Located right beside it is the Family Area with games, crafts, reading, face-painting, puppetry and more. Families spend quality time together here throughout the weekend. But please note that this is not a drop-off area for kids to be looked after by volunteers. 

Folk Tips

We've compiled a list of Folk Tips to help us all get back to safe and fun celebrations! Click the "+" to learn more about each tip.

Before You Go


Be A Good Neighbour

Self Care

Harm Reduction