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We love good food that’s good for our community – and our environment, too. 

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*Indicates food vendor offering coffee.

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Food Philosophy

Sharing real food made by real folk

We love good food that’s good for our community – and our environment, too. It is our goal to work with local partners to share a variety of healthy, ethical, affordable and sustainable food choices at all of our events throughout the year and at the summer festival.

We value Local, Organic and Fair Trade (LOFT) products.

We are committed to working with partners and vendors that share our passion for LOFT values and integrate them into their businesses.

We value food that is healthy, nutritious, balanced and affordable.
  • We endeavor to work with partners who choose foods that are good for our health and wellbeing.
  • We engage partners and vendors who offer food options that respect dietary restrictions and preferences.
  • We ask vendors and partners to provide a variety of food choices to ensure our festival community can access nutritious food affordably.
We value food that is sustainable and minimizes the waste that goes into our landfills.
  • We ensure our partners and vendors share our Leave No Trace philosophy. This means that we want to leave Birds Hill Park in the same beautiful state we found it by packing out everything that we pack in and not leaving any waste behind.
  • We use compostable and reusable cutlery, packaging and dishware and maximize our composting and recycling practices instead of adding to landfills.
  • We encourage our partners and vendors to purchase their food quantities responsibly to avoid any food waste.

We are grateful to have so many incredible partners on board to help make this happen and to our community for embracing this philosophy. We will continue to build the opportunities for and awareness of healthy, local, sustainable food and practices that are affordable for our Folk Fest community.

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