Festival Campground

The first time you hear someone yell “Happy Folk Fest!” followed by a roar of cheers that rolls across the campground, you’ll feel right at home.

Camper’s Guide

Campground Arrival

The Festival Campground is a community of 6,000 that pops up in the middle of a prairie field for five days in July. It’s a wonderfully expressive environment created by all who participate. Campers make art and music, decorate their campsites (and themselves!) and share food, stories and experiences. It’s a beautifully organic community where lifelong friends and lasting memories are made.

Festival Campground Design Guide

 Create art, make music, decorate, host games and other group activities

Campground Central

The place to go for safety and well-being services!
The trailer, next to the wooden structure in Zone 1B, staffed 24-hours a day by safety volunteers, is your “go to” place for information and services. If you’re not sure whom to ask about something, they’re here to help.

Health and well-being services are located at Campground Central. If you notice anyone having a personal conflict, in a crisis, making unhealthy choices or behaving disrespectfully, point out that there are services here that are available to help them figure out how to get their festival experience back on track. 

What to Bring

Save the Park

Environment volunteers will be doing “clean campsite checks” throughout the weekend, handing out prizes and high fives to campers who are keeping their sites in order. They will also be asking you to tidy up your area if it’s getting messy. Be a champion for the environment and keep your site neat.

Services in the Community

There are outhouses, water taps, picnic tables, bike racks and fire pits available for communal use. Campground shelters, built with reclaimed materials, are great places to gather, meet your neighbours and find refuge from rain or the hot afternoon sun. Communal fire pits are located by these shelters so you can pick a tune on your guitars together ‘round the fire! 

Campground Map

Become familiar with your surroundings when you arrive. Note the locations of porta-potties, water taps, service areas, plenty to explore!

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