Health & Safety

We all look forward to these four days in July, so of course it’s important to stay safe and look out for each other. We want your Folk Fest experience to be as wonderful as you’ve been imagining all year!

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Safer Spaces Policy

We believe EVERYONE has the right to experience the Winnipeg Folk Festival (WFF) as a safe place where they are welcome and respected.  

As an organization, we encourage creativity, freedom of expression and attire, and respectful discussion, but not at the harm of others - regardless of attendees’ intentions.  

We believe that every individual, no matter their gender, ability, age, ethnicity and sexuality should feel safe and comfortable in our environment and free from any negativity or harm due to others’ display of symbols, actions or words. Any form of discrimination, harassment, sexual violence and/or assault, disorderly conduct or any behaviour verbal or physical that demeans or marginalizes another will not be tolerated. 

It is also important to remember that the WFF and its campgrounds are subject to provincial and federal laws. Please respect the valuable work that law enforcement officers and our own Safety and Security Folk volunteers in blue vests do to keep everyone in our Folk Fest community safe. 

When you join us at the WFF, our Festival Campground and/or Quiet Campground, you agree to the safer spaces policy. Let’s support each other and ensure our community continues to be one of inclusiveness and respect!