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You matter to us, and so do your pronouns! We encourage all our folkies to share their pronouns with us (e.g. she/her, he/him, they/them, a combination like she/they, and others). Here are some reasons why this is a good thing:

  • It’s easier to talk to someone when you know how to address them!
  • Asking for and using someone’s pronouns shows respect for their identity.
  • It normalizes the practice of sharing pronouns.
  • It signals that you are willing to be an 2SLGBTQIA+ ally.
  • It helps create a welcoming and inclusive community for everyone.

If you would like to share your pronouns with us, you can add them to your email signature, web conference ID, etc. Adding your pronouns to WFF forms such as your volunteer profile will also enable us to include them on materials such as your access pass or a name tag.

You can ask someone how they want to be referred to if you’re not sure - try asking, "What are your pronouns?"  And if you get it wrong, mistakes happen! Don't make a big deal about it or overly apologize. Just correct yourself and move on quickly. Also, if you're a part of a conversation where someone gets it wrong, politely correct them. This helps everyone and is part of good allyship.

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