Join Us in the Festival Campground

July 8, 2024 |


We’re so excited to welcome you all back! We can’t wait to see your smiling faces enjoying the music, the great outdoors, and each other’s company.

There’s a lot of important information here, so please read through to the end. It’ll only take a few minutes, and you’ll get all the details you need to have the best time ever in the Festival Campground next weekend!

Important Info


If you’re driving, you will need to purchase a provincial park pass before you get to the Fest. Purchase your parking pass online through


As in the past, campground load-in will still be taking place on Wednesday morning. When the park opens at 7:00 AM, you can drive through the West Gate on South Drive and then turn right onto Festival Drive. The East Gate, located off of Hwy 206, will be closed until 10:00 AM until the Wednesday campground rush is finished. 

You’ll be queuing up in the Festival parking area once it opens at 8:00 AM. After, you’ll be instructed to line up in the vehicle staging area. Our wonderful volunteers will help you get to the Main Gate Box Office for your wristband in the order you arrived!

If you are being dropped off at the Festival, let the volunteer who is directing you into the parking lot know. They will direct you to a drop-off area. The person who’s dropping you off can then follow the signs to exit the parking area and be on their way.

You can load into the Festival Campground at any time during the weekend.


Drive through the West Gate on South Drive when the park opens at 7:00 AM, then turn right onto Festival Drive. You’ll be greeted by a traffic volunteer who will tell you to turn left into the Festival Campground parking area.

You will then drive down the Festival Campground entrance path and go to the Festival Campground Box Office to trade your RV Ticket for a dashboard permit pass and your Folk Fest ticket for a wristband. The RV section is sold out this year, so you must have purchased your RV Ticket in advance. There will be no additional tickets available on-site.

There will be no vehicle access to the Festival Campground parking lot after 9:00 PM each night. So, if you’re camping, your best bet is to leave your vehicle parked for the weekend. We cannot guarantee you a spot in the campground lot if you leave at any point, as this lot tends to fill up quickly! The only exception is a pre-arranged accessibility parking pass.


We’ve gotta talk about it… The Festival Campground closes at noon on Monday, July 15. Everyone needs to be packed out by then, leaving their campsites exactly how they found them – clean and green!


Safety & Services

We want to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy weekend, so here are some services we offer in the Festival Campground.


Located in the trailer next to the wooden structure in Zone 1B, staffed 24 hours a day by safety volunteers. It is your go-to place for information and services such as cellphone charging and lost and found.


First Aid provides basic first aid and medical assistance, and coordinates with emergency personnel in serious situations. Located at Campground Central.


Safety and security volunteers wear blue vests and can be found at the campground entrance and Campground Central in Zone 1B, operating 24 hours a day.


We need our community to help keep our Festival vibrant, diverse, inclusive, welcoming, and safe. Together, we can create safer spaces where all folks feel welcome, valued, and respected. We believe in and support people who have experienced harassment, violence, and/or discrimination. If you need help at the Festival please reach out to a safety volunteer in a blue vest and they can help connect you with the necessary resources. For more information visit our Community Wellness page.


Located on the paved road by the campground entrance, the store sells snacks, camping gear, earplugs, firewood, ice, and other supplies.


A free shuttle travels a round-trip route to all three campgrounds and the Festival site every 30 minutes during Festival hours. Bus frequency may change unexpectedly due to circumstances beyond our control.


We are committed to making the Festival accessible, however we acknowledge that we still have our barriers. Please visit our Accessibility page for more information.


Please remember, there is NO GLASS ALLOWED we want to keep all the folkie toes safe from cuts.


This year, campers are in for a foodie treat! A Little Pizza Heaven, Food for Folks, Jonnies Sticky Buns, and Simba Safari are ready to satisfy your cravings. They’ll be conveniently located across from Campground Central, offering a variety of amazing food options.


Photo: Michelle Westman

Be Prepared

Whether you are a seasoned folkie or it’s your first time festing, it’s important to be prepared:

We’re all one happy family for the weekend, and when everyone looks out for each other and follows the basic rules, we all help to create a safer and more respectful space.


Photo: April Carandang

Leave No Trace

We respect the land and love our Folk Fest home, and we want to leave the park exactly how we found it! Pack out what you pack in and keep your site clean and tidy for the duration of the Festival.


Hammock ropes left behind will strangle and kill a tree – and we’ve already lost trees because of this. Help keep the beautiful Birds Hill Park forest alive and healthy!


Did you know that the Festival Campground accounts for two-thirds of the total waste generated at the Festival? Here are some ways you can reduce waste at your campsite:

  • Buy or borrow good quality camping gear that will last.
  • Bring reusable containers for your food for the weekend.
  • Make sure you are composting or recycling before you throw something in the trash.


Take your recycling, compost, and garbage to the right places. Our wonderful Enviro volunteers provide campers with clear recycling bags, black garbage bags, and green compost bags upon entry. If you run out, visit them at Enviro HQ at Trailhead 2 – they’re happy to help!

Please help our awesome Enviro volunteers by taking your garbage and recycling to the bins along the trailheads. Compost bins are available late at night by the food vendors and at Enviro HQ during the day.


Photo: Jenn Kostesky

Campground Contest

Create art, make music, decorate, host games, and do other group activities. Campers who choose to create a unique campsite with decorations, games, activities, and/or art will have the chance to enter to win four 4-Day Tickets with Festival Camping for the 2025 Winnipeg Folk Festival.

One set of four tickets will be awarded to the creation with the most votes from fellow campers, and the other set of four will be awarded through a random draw.

To enter the draw and to gain votes, you must submit photos of your art, your decorated campsite, or group activity with contact information using the Woobox form (linked below) which will open for submissions on Wednesday, July 10 at 10:00 AM. Once your creation is submitted you’ll be provided with a link to share with other folks to vote for you.

All the campers who participate and enter will be eligible to win. You will have until July 22, 2024, after the Festival to enter. Voting will take place until July 29, 2024. After July 29, 2024 the winners will be contacted directly and will be announced on Winnipeg Folk Festival’s social media.

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