National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21, 2023 |


We recognize National Indigenous Peoples Day by highlighting Indigenous artists and artisans attending the upcoming 2023 Festival. We are honoured to have the support from the Indigenous Advisory Circle and Grandmother Chickadee Richard (Benais Quimiwin Ikwe)  Thunder Rain Woman  for the Winnipeg Folk Festival who guide and direct us in our continued Indigenous education. We strive to support and showcase Indigenous artists throughout the year and at the Festival.

We are fortunate to spend the Festival weekend at Birds Hill Provincial Park, on Treaty 1 territory and the homeland of the Red River Métis.

Grandmother Chickadee Richard (Benais Quimiwin Ikwe)  Thunder Rain Woman

Chickadee Richard is a member of the Sandy Bay First Nation and was raised near the west side of Lake Manitoba.

Chickadee is a mother of three biological children, two adopted sons, grandmother of seven children and grandmother to many in the Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. Chickadee has collaborated with many exceptional grassroots leaders of Indigenous communities to help make safe places for Indigenous peoples.

She is a proud anishinabaa kwe who has dedicated her life to the betterment of the land, water and Indigenous communities. For many years, she has been an advocate and educator for change and justice in Manitoba and across Canada, by creating awareness of the strength and beauty of Indigenous culture and perspectives.

Chickadee works with people that are open and willing to change the current ways which harm the land, lakes and Indigenous people’s ways of life.

Opening Blessing

Join us for the Opening Blessing on Main Stage before the music begins on Thursday, July 7 at 5:30 PM, led by Grandmother Chickadee Richard.


Indigenous Welcoming Ceremony

The Indigenous Welcoming Ceremony acknowledges and welcomes Indigenous artists to the Festival led by Grandmother Chickadee Richard. The Indigenous Welcoming Ceremony will take place at Shady Grove on Saturday, July 8 at 10:30 AM. We’d love to see you there and everyone is welcome to attend!



Andrina Turenne

Andrina Turenne is an incredibly talented Franco-Manitoban Métis artist with over two decades of experience in the music industry. Her voice has graced over 50 albums and she even won a coveted Juno award with her former band Chic Gamine. Turenne has just released her debut solo album, Bold as Logs.


Aysanabee is a Toronto-based Juno-nominated multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter from Sandy Lake First Nation. He began creating music during the pandemic and his debut album, Watin, features music that includes the voice of his grandfather wrapped in Aysanabee’s hypnotic and melodic sound.

Black Belt Eagle Scout

Black Belt Eagle Scout’s a.k.a. Katherine Paul’s 2023 album, The Land, The Water, The Sky, is a celebration of lineage, strength and returning to their ancestral lands. Her songs reflect a journey home and each one is a love letter to Indigenous strength and healing. Katherine Paul has channeled that feeling of being held. The power of the land is woven throughout the album.

Cat Clyde

Métis indie folk singer-songwriter Cat Clyde has released her third album, Down Rounder. It’s a captivating and heartfelt record that delves into her personal experiences while also celebrating the beauty of the world around her. With the help of producer Tony Berg, the album’s stripped-back sound was expertly crafted in a mere six days, resulting in a truly exceptional musical experience.

DJ Shub

DJ Shub, the Godfather of PowWowStep now brings a dynamic live show of his critically acclaimed, chart topping electronic Indigenous album War Club. War Club Live is a celebration of Indigenous music and culture, featuring special guests, visuals and Indigenous dancers in full regalia. Recently, DJ Shub won the 2022 JUNO award for Contemporary Indigenous Artist of the Year.

Evan Redsky

Evan Redsky is a First Nations songwriter from Mississaugi First Nation, currently residing in Toronto. His latest album, Oblivion, combines traditional storytelling and poignant commentary on the human condition. Redsky’s personal experiences with intergenerational trauma and the injustices faced by Indigenous peoples in Canada inform his music and advocacy work.


Powerhouse vocalist, FONTINE’s new EP titled Yarrow Lover was released in February. The EP showcases her talents as a songwriter and vocalist, drawing inspiration from her Nehiyaw Iskwew roots, the natural surroundings of her prairie home and the vibrant musical environment of Winnipeg. FONTINE will mesmerize with beautiful melodies and intimate storytelling.

Joe Rainey

Joe Rainey is a passionate Pow Wow singer from Red Lake Ojibwe in Minneapolis. He learned the traditional singing style as a child and later formed his own drum group. Rainey’s latest album, Niineta, is a groundbreaking work that transforms traditional Pow Wow sounds into fresh, experimental tracks, produced in collaboration with Andrew Broder.

Julian Taylor

Julian Taylor is a self-managed musician, singer-songwriter and label owner from Toronto. He has established himself as one of Canada’s greatest troubadours over his 20-plus year career, earning multiple award nominations for his 2020 LP The Ridge and his new album Beyond the Reservoir builds on the soul-folk sound and autobiographical themes first explored in The Ridge.

La troupe jeunesse de l’Ensemble folklorique de la Rivière-Rouge

Experience the lively and infectious energy of this talented group of young dancers, musicians and singers. Promoting traditional French Canadian and Métis music and dance. Since their formation in 2011, they have performed at international folk festivals and prestigious events worldwide, earning them widespread recognition and applause.

Walking Wolf Singers & Dancers

Walking Wolf Singers & Dancers was established over 20 years ago with the goal of not only performing, but also educating people about Indigenous song and dance. The group promotes pride in the Indigenous community and its traditions. Over the years, they have released seven albums, including their most recent, Walking Wolf Singers (Giving Thanks).

William Prince

William Prince is a Canadian singer-songwriter with a gift for exploring profound questions through simple yet skillful songwriting. His exceptional body of work, including his most recent album Stand in the Joy, has been widely recognized with a JUNO Award, receiving international acclaim and adding a depth and dimension that truly sets him apart.

One Nation Under Groove
Saturday, July 8 at 4:15 PM at Spruce Hollow

This workshop is bringing together some of the most exciting Indigenous artists from across Canada, including the multi-talented Aysanabee, the Americana folk sounds of Evan Redsky, the indie pop stylings of FONTINE, and the soulful troubadour Julian Taylor.



Anishinaabe Girl Designs
Shauna Fontaine, Anishinaabeikwe, owner and designer behind Anishinaabe Girl Designs, is a proud urban member of Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba. Each piece is a unique blend of urban boujee chic and inspiration from the natural world.

bead n butter

Jessie Pruden is a Métis beader from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her fun and colourful designs are inspired by her friends, family, nature and her culture. This craft has allowed her to connect to many new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Kozmic Art

Shay is a self-taught Métis artist in who creates mystical, surreal artworks inspired by nature and the universe. She focuses on portraits and character design, using colour to create an ethereal and dreamlike feeling.

Mihkokwaniy specializes in distinctive, handcrafted jewelry consisting of organic cast, unique sculptural pieces that are inspired by the interconnectedness of all life in the natural world.



The Prairie Outdoor Exhibition is an interactive outdoor art gallery that hosts art projects throughout the Festival site. Our theme for 2023 is Prairie Sky. Long horizons and expansive skies are one of the best parts of the Prairies.

Askîy kiskeyitamowin (land knowledge) by KC Adams

Ceramic turtle shells, inspired by the prairie sky, carry land knowledge from Indigenous elders on how humans can live in harmony with the environment. Explore these teachings and interact with the turtle shells by placing them in creative land formations.

KC Adams is Anishinaabe, Niheyew and British and a registered member of Fisher River Cree Nation. She considers herself a relational maker, a creator whose work connects to Indigenous axiology and epistemology––recognizing her role as an educator, activist, community member and mentor. Adams creates work explores technology and its relationship to her Indigenous identity and knowledge systems.


Wayzo et fleur by Mona Moquin

This trio of beaded birds is perched and waiting to be discovered. Take a moment to reflect upon the beautiful colors of the birds and plants. Enjoy the prairie skies, the warmth of the sun, the kiss of the wind and the smell of the rain. May the birds bring you joy and a dose of dopamine.


Mona Eva Moquin was born and raised in a big Métis family in La Broquerie, Manitoba. She is a proud Métis woman, teacher, instructor and artist.


Taking flight by Marc Keugle

Artist Marc Kuegle combined his love for birds, wheat pasting, photography, graphic design and simple animation. With the help of the wind, the rotating installation creates the illusion of a flying bird. They draw inspiration from traveling, meeting new people and experiencing cultures from around the world. If someone has the chance, they should smile or wave at a stranger and see what happens.


Marc Kuegle is a self-taught Cree/German artist from Canada. He fuses photography and digital art together as his main mediums and on occasion, includes music and animation. He has shown his work in various cities across Canada and internationally. Marc currently has an installation at The Forks along the Nestaweya River Trail during the 22/23 winter season. His art can create a curiosity for exploration or it can bring back old memories of adventure and travel.



Join us in Family Area for and interactive performances with Walking Wolf Singers & Dancers and take in traditional Métis song and dance with La troupe jeunesse de l’Ensemble folklorique de la Rivière-Rouge. Performances taking place throughout the weekend at Folk School and the Family Area.