Festival Campground

January 26, 2023 |

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The Festival Campground is home to 6,000 people during the Winnipeg Folk Festival (WFF). It is a vibrant and beautiful place in Birds Hill Provincial Park where music and community are celebrated. Many campers have a tradition of creating art, making music, games and group activities – all in the spirit of sharing their creativity. We are grateful for the work the campers have contributed to the unique Festival Campground experience over the years.

This past year we have received your feedback through surveys and messages about the Festival Campground and we heard the things that are important to you: safety, wayfinding landmarks, lighting and community!

The Festival will be adding some landmark points and lighting to help you find your campsite and friends in the dark. We are also working with some new community organizations to help support our safer spaces policy.

Starting this year, we are going grassroots! We are excited to hand the tradition of creativity back to the Festival campers. The Festival is sunsetting the formalized curated program to be more inclusive and give everyone the chance to participate in the campground’s unique creative community we have all grown to love.

Campers who choose to create a unique campsite with decorations, games, activities and/or art will have a chance to enter to win four 4-Day Tickets with Festival Camping for the 2024 Winnipeg Folk Festival. Details to follow in the months ahead.

Your campsite creativity is up to you, the community, to create the kind of open and positive environment that makes the Festival Campground home. Parameters designed to ensure everyone can have a good and safe time while honouring the traditions of the Festival can be found HERE.

We are happy to continue the Festival Campground culture with the same fun and unique experience that is important to all of us in a safe and sustainable way.